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Well here we are, almost at the end of my first trienium as Paraparaumu Ward Councillor and what a trienium it has been with Covid-19 still racing around the world.

Here in New Zealand, for some it is meant hard times, job losses, reduced hours, time away from family and friends, loneliness and isolation, extra long hours for our vital covid staff, sickness, loss and heartbreak. 


For others it meant working from home, spending much more time with their close family networks, more me time for those always too busy to take a break, social distance chatting with neighbours over the fence or across the road, lending a helping hand where needed, and being able to enjoy the beautiful weather we had during lockdown.

Having portfolios for Health and Seniors, I felt it necessary to make sure members of our community were taken care of and had what they needed to survive the lockdown.  With the two main groups I and many others were involved in being Kapiti Community Covid Support Network and Self-Isolation Support Kapiti as well as my contact with local groups such as Age Concern, Volunteer Kapiti, KHAG, Grey Power and more, we hope we gave our community the information, help and support needed during this time.  

This first trienium has been a steep learning curve as to exactly how local politics works.  I have attended many workshops and seminars to gain the knowledge to be as effective as I can be in my role.   

Some of what I have been involved in, not including the day to day Council responsibilities with KCDC :

Awards & Presentations, Beach Clean Ups, Openings and Blessings, Community Support, Business Support, Covid Community Response, Groups & Charities, Fairs & Markets, Climate, Beach Bylaw, Community Centre, Pics to the People, Community and Council Liason, all local Community Board Meetings, new Economic Development strategy, Community Groups and Clubs, Housing Collective, Start Up Weekend, Whirlwind, Kapiti Airport, Whale Song, tourism, Raumati Rugby League Club, KHAG, Kapiti Boating Club, Marine Discovery Centre, local AGMs and club meetings, Parks, film clips for Raumati Road, Beach Bylaw etc, liaison Athletics & Cricket Club, Foodbank, Community Patrol, TWOK, .....

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