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Lending a Helping Hand

An independent rates review is required to assess our current system.  Our challenge, rates are Kapiti’s main source of income, other income streams need to be developed.  Unnecessary spending needs to stop, every penny counts.  Councillors require financial and business understanding.  Vote me a team that is fit for purpose.


A climate crisis has been declared, what does this mean?  It is coming whether we like it or not.  For me it is also about sustainability, community resilience and our own earth footprint.  How will it affect our infrastructure?  What affect will a rising water take have?  What are the questions and what does it mean in practice?   A full council committee for climate change that places a climate filter on policy and planning.



We need a united Kapiti telling its story in a cohesive way that represents all aspects of the Kapiti Coast lifestyle. I want to see a district that is unified as it moves forward under an over arching umbrella.  left to their own devices. We want to protect our townships identities but also work as a whole to create a strong supportive overall network . 


 I have seen a disconnect between our council, coucillors and community.   I want to see effective engagement and communication.  We have a wealth of experience, talent and people wanting to help their community, this should be embraced.


We need to retain our community housing and look for solutions to house affordability and perhaps development of housing initiatives.


We don’t have an Economic Development Strategy.  With Transmission Gully coming there will be pressures felt all over our community.  A plan is required.  Having been a part of the economic development refresh process, I want to see its independent implementation involving relevant stake holders happen sooner rather than later. 

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