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Thank you for your support in the 2022 Elections.


I have made a firm commitment to listen and bring the community’s voice to the Council table. I have previously proven myself to be an active advocate for the community’s views on key issues and policy.   I have attended Community board and committee meetings across the district and engaged with the public wherever possible, which has helped to keep me informed about what the local concerns and issues are in our different townships.


In the 2019 election I made a promise to be accessible to my community and have made myself available to any individual or collective/group who has reached out to me for help has been listened to, and I have made enquiries on their behalf, reported back, mediated and followed matters through to resolution. This open and proactive approach has come as a welcome surprise to many in the community.


In my first triennium it was a privilege to represent my community in what have been very challenging times. A full time commitment has helped enable good progress to be made towards the stated goals from my last campaign.  Addressing housing, landing the economic development strategy and independent board, climate and sustainability embedded into council processes, Kāpiti Community Centre and Waikanae Library budgeted for, the disbandment of the Gateway development and its excessive price tag and age-friendly communities being incorporated into the positive ageing strategy update to mention a few.


I bring strong business acumen and community insight to the my role.  Some priorities for this triennium are: Developing communication, trust and partnership between Council and our local community, collaboration and teamwork between Councillors and with Council Management, addressing issues with regulatory process and providing a strong voice for Kāpiti in Central Government reform. Affordable housing, cost of living pressures, including the burden of continuously rising local body rates, climate and sustainability are all ongoing issues.  Building strong relationships with the new Health Authority to follow on from Kāpiti’s 20,000 strong hospital petition so Kāpiti is well served in provision of health services. Ensuring both Te Newhanga Community Centre and Waikanae Library projects are delivered, and the incorporation of the four well-beings, are all key issues that I believe need to be addressed.


Enabling private enterprises such as Wharemauku working group whose project includes stream regeneration, a central park and Whalesong, which will create an environmental, educational, artistic and cultural exploration hub which connects with existing cycle/walkways, our Library, Civic Centre, shops and our proposed new Community Centre is important.


I am a Councillor that goes the extra mile, treats individuals and collective groups as important and prioritises LISTENING.  I have proven myself to be a man of my word, to be available for my community and to stand up for the underdog.


I look forward to engaging with you, my community.



Authorised by Martin Halliday Po Box 1650 Paraparaumu 5032


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